Lisa Barnard Kelley is a vocalist, performer, Deep Listening Certificate Holder and Minister Priestess of Maat.

As a vocalist and performer, Lisa has worked in traditional theater on-stage and off, performed and recorded with various bands and ensembles, created and collaborated inside of caves, abandoned sites, stairwells…most any resonant space. 

Lisa’s first introduction to Deep Listening and Women’s Mysteries began on a sacred journey with Pauline Oliveros and Ione to Southern Italy to study the mysteries of the Black Madonna while also taking measurements of acoustical resonance of sacred sites. The journey’s intersection of science and the sacred impacted Lisa so profoundly she spent the next twelve years working closely with Oliveros and Ione as a staff member and artist of the Deep Listening Institute and Ione’s non-profit Ministry of Maat performing in numerous festivals and concerts.

She completed her Deep Listening Certificate after completing her role as conference director for the 2nd Deep Listening Conference in Troy, NY.  Kelley assisted at Deep Listening Retreats in New York, Spain and the UK and facilitates workshops throughout the Hudson Valley.

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